Dumpster Diving and Parents Visit!

The parents came to visit for the day about two Saturdays ago (sorry for the late post!).  We had planned to go to Dim Sum, then Eden Center and a little shopping in the Seven Corners area near my new apartment.

Right before they got here, I went down to the outside garbage cans where we are supposed to leave recyclables and big boxes (I had a box to throw out).  There’s usually a bunch of junk and trash throw in this area; people throwing out broken toys, lamps, etc.  Well…just my luck…I turned the corner and found these two beautiful pieces of furniture!

Dumpster Dive Table!

One is a TV cabinet, which was in perfect condition, except for a little nick at the corner of one of the doors.  The other is a hall table that’s missing a drawer, but you can’t really tell a drawer was supposed to be there in the first place.  They aren’t the highest quality pieces (i.e. they aren’t 100% wood, which is a huge mark of quality for me) but they were in great condition, and would have cost at least $300 for the two pieces at Ikea or Target.

I lucked out because my parents were able to help me carry these pieces in!  My sparsely decorated bedroom that needed more storage space now has two amazing, free, dumpster dive pieces.  I may be a dumpster diver, but hey, I didn’t have to spend $300 on furniture, nor did I have $300 to spend on furniture.  It makes me sad that people just throw things out.  Like I said, I’m a huge fan of recycling pieces, and an even bigger fan of organizations (Goodwill, Salvation Army) that will come pick up items for free that they resell to help their nonprofit organization.  I know it’s easier to just “throw it out” but it just shows we are a wasteful society.  Next time you think about throwing out a perfectly good piece of furniture or clothes, please, please consider donating it (or calling me first!)

Also, we went to Goodwill later in the day, and I found two Riedel wine glasses for 96 cents each.  These glasses, for the lower end glasses (I’m not sure if these Riedels are on the higher end or what) are $10/each at Target, but for the Sommelier’s tasting glasses can run about $120/pair.  I wish I knew! I could probably find out with some more research/investigation, but still…how much of a steal is that!  This is why I love thrifting and this is why I’m good at it-my discerning eye!

96 cent Riedel glasses, pretty sure these are the $10 ones, but wouldn’t it be neat if they were worth more?

We also went to Dim Sum at Hong Kong Pearl, which is just a mile down the street from me.  It was really good, and they had a lot of selection.  Some foods I had never before tried at Dim Sum!  And of course, I always have to get some nasty bits – this was in the form of a soup that had liver, intestine, stomach and tofu! It was good, but I can only handle them in small increments.

Yes! Nasty Bits!

I’ve also come to love chicken feet, which I didn’t when I was younger.

Dim Sum! Chicken Feet, Bao (steamed pork buns), Tripe, dumplings galore!

We also went to Ross (the discount department store), and thanks to the parents, I got a new comforter, pillows and some wall art (not pictured).  Now my bed looks like a real bed and my room is finally furnished!

New pretty comforter and lots of pillows!

Thanks to the parents for still helping me out  when I can’t afford nice things for my room, for their physical strength and willingness to break a sweat to help me carry my dumpster dive treasures to my apartment, and for always treating me to a great meal whether I’m at home or they are visiting!


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