Adventures in INSANITY

Fitness is a huge part of my life.  It really affects my overall mood and I don’t know what I would do without it.  In the Fitness tab, you can find my progress in workouts/race training/and nutrition.  And here I will start with my adventure into INSANITY.

I’ve discovered that working full-time and long commutes in the NoVa area leave me little time or motivation to make it to the gym.  I still love the gym, and still will be going because I’m a huge fan of Les Mills classes, however, I have been looking for an alternative workout routine that I could do outside of the gym.  If I go to the gym after work, I don’t get home until around 8 PM and after making dinner, it’s time for bed.  I don’t like doing this every day of the week.  I do like to have some sort of life outside of work and gym.  And I surely don’t want to wake up super early to commute to a gym, shower there and then go to work.

So after hearing some good things about INSANITY, a Beachbody program taught by Shaun T. (Who is Shaun T.?!?), I decided to give it a try.  I’m usually not a huge fan of fitness DVD programs (Are they gimmicks? Will I really see results?), but I figured I’d give it a try after one of my friends started the program.  Side note: I tried P90x with Tony Horton, but he kind of annoyed me!  P90x is probably a great program, but when your instructor annoys you…I digress…so as a positive, Shaun T. does not annoy me, he pushes you, but he’s really sweet and is quite attractive!

INSANITY starts with a Fit Test, which sets a bar for which you can improve upon every two weeks.  After doing the fit test, I was drenched in sweat, my heart rate was super high after the 3rd exercise (there are 7) and I had to take a break.  So I like to think I’m in great shape, in fact, I had a trainer tell me I was in better shape than like 99% of her clients.  I know I am in good shape.

If you are in good shape, INSANITY will challenge everything you thought about yourself.  It’s a lot of plyometrics and challenges you by elevating your heart rate to really high levels, which I guess builds endurance and burns calories.

After the Fit Test, I had Day 2: Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  Let’s just say I’ve never sweated that much in 45 minutes, not even in cycle class.  The sweat was literally dripping off the tip of my nose.  It’s really challenging, especially the exercises you do in plank position; my wrists are really weak (I have really tiny wrists and pretty small bones), so I had to take a few breaks to stretch them out.

So yay! I’ve done two days of INSANITY and I’m looking forward to everything else it has to offer.  Just to note, even if you are in excellent shape, this will challenge you, you might have to take a few breaks, and that’s okay!

I’m hoping to track my progress weekly, and I’ll be adding some pictures of progress as I go.  If you’ve gotten into INSANITY adventures, tell me how you’re doing – I’d love to cheer you on!  WISH ME LUCK!

Happy Sweating!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in INSANITY

  1. Nice! I haven’t tried Insanity, but I’ve heard good things. You should get a library card, btw. The Arlington libraries have a great selection of fitness DVDs (I really like the Jillian Michaels ones). Sometimes if I’m going out of town I’ll pick one up so I can still get in a good workout when I won’t have access to a gym!

    1. It’s pretty insane – I’ve never had a similar endorphin high from any other workout and sweat more than when I’m spinning! That’s a good idea about the library card – I think you usually have to prove residence in the area though :/

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