A Beautiful View!

This is my last Gaudí-Barcelona related post about Park Güell.  If you haven’t already, check out what I have to say about Casa Batlló and Sagrada Família!

View from the park on a pretty Fall day!

Park Güell is located outside of the city center, on the hill of El Carmel in the Gràcia district.  You walk a few blocks on flat road when you get off the metro and then a few blocks straight up hill.  Definitely wear comfortable shoes, because it’s quite a trek up a very steep hill, not to mention that there’s lots of walking to be done in the park.

All the directions I read in advance said to look for the street signs which point to the park, and I did this, but got a little confused at one intersection and ended up walking up the wrong hill.  Ah, my lovely sense of direction – where I get the “I think I’m going in the wrong direction feeling…but just maybe it’s ahead” I should listen to my initial instinct.  Anyways, I got to see some side streets and walked up a very, very steep hill before realizing this wasn’t the right way.  I made it back to the main road and found the correct sign – not really sure how I could have missed it, but at least  I realized my error before I got turned around too much.

Once I got back on the main street and found the directional sign, I started walking and knew I was in the right direction because there were more people who seemed to be going in the same direction.

Entrance sign

What’s great about this place is that a visit to Park Güell is free!  I went on weekend on a really pretty fall day, and there were a lot of people walking around, relaxing on the benches, kids running around and playing soccer.  You could tell there were many tourists, but it seems like locals come here too.  I was also impressed by the amount of runners around the park!

Field where kids were playing soccer
Pretty mosaic benches – relax here after your trek uphill
Mosaic lizzard

The entrance to the park is pretty crowded because this is where most of Gaudí’s mosaic art is, but as you keep climbing upwards, people start to space out.  There were also entertainers along the way from a string quartet, to a band, to a group singing Beatles songs.  Vendors selling handmade jewelry and souvenirs line the path upwards too.

Musicians around the park

If you keep walking upwards, which I did, you’ll find a variety of paths.  I took the one that went to an awesome summit with stunning views of Barcelona.  I ended up lingering here for a while, but it was quite chilly because of the elevation.  After being at Park Güell for around two hours, I left and made my way back to city center before the sun went down.

Me and Barcelona

I’m so grateful for the chance to see Gaudí’s works in BCN.  Seeing Gaudí’s works was high on my bucket list and it was amazing to see these amazing, iconographic sites as a young adult.

So a question for my readers! What places/historic sites have you been to that have been on your travel bucket list?  What are some of the places you still have yet to get to?

Happy Traveling!

Side Note:  I’ll hopefully be able to compose a few more posts about my Barcelona experience, and, of course, I still need to tell you all about Rome.  I really am sorry for these sporadic travel posts done after the fact.  In my future travels and life experiences, I hope to update more frequently!


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