Mother-Daughter Thrifting

Thrifting is a huge mother-daughter bonding experience for me and my mom.  I think I got the thrifty gene from her, but, she will attest, I did not get my creative gene from her.  She mostly thrifts “cat” related items.  (Side note: We have 4 cats.  Everything in our house is cat-related.  It’s insane.)  And she doesn’t need anymore cat-things, but we all have our hoarding tendencies.  Right?  Right.

A while back, we went to the Salvation Army Family Store located at 2601 Hermitage Road in Richmond, VA.  This trip was by chance; we had planned to go to Diversity Thrift which is a few streets away from the SA, and we did, but after a disappointing selection (not totally disappointing – I got a Jones New York wool sweater and a 100% Cashmere sweater for around $7 for both) we decided to stop by the Salvation Army. (Side note: Something is wrong when a thrift store sells used Chinese take-out containers for $1, shame on you Diversity Thrift!)

Green-ish Cashmere Sweater from Diversity Thrift – And how I feel about Mondays…

The Salvation Army store is really nice.  You almost feel like you’re in a department store.  Everything is well-organized by “type” of clothing (long sleeve blouses, short sleeve shirts, sweaters, etc.) and they weed out a lot of bad items.  Additionally, they have a large selection of gently used furniture and household appliances like washing machines, stoves and refrigerators for amazing prices.  I don’t remember the exact prices, but significantly less than buying them new.  They also had a couple of pianos for less than $100.  I can vouch, these pianos were in great shape, maybe needing a tune-up.  Not in need of a piano, but if you’re looking for a second hand piano in Richmond, this is your place!

During this trip, I was shopping for long sleeve blouses.  I think there’s a fashion trend (note “I think” – not a big fashion person!) for these flowy, blousy tops.  I’ve seen them in many stores and as much as I like them, they are often over $20 and made of that dreaded fabric – polyester.  I don’t have anything against polyester or blends – they are washable and low maintenance – but I don’t feel right paying exorbitant amounts for poly.

I’ve found that many thrift stores carry the original inspiration for this trend – silk blouses.  Sure, these might have belonged to grandma, but after a quick dry clean, they are better, cheaper alternatives.  I think they have much more “character” too!  Yay for vintage pieces!

I ended up purchasing a few blouses for about $5 each.  I’m thinking these tops were from the ’70s, but I’m not sure.  I love pairing them with leggings or skinny jeans.

Here is a lovely burnt-orange blouse with pretty embroidery:

Vintage Silk Blouse with Embroidery & Tiffany Necklace (necklace is not from the thrift store)
Close up of the Embroidery

Mom also bought Dad two button down shirts at the SA – one made by Vineyard Vines for $6.  I love Vineyard Vines, but they are so expensive.  I found the identical shirt online and it retails for $98.50 – Are you kidding me?!?  I’ll update with a picture of the shirt next time I’m home.  I swear, it’s the same shirt in absolute perfect condition!

The Salvation Army is a bit more expensive, but it’s so well-organized and sells quality items, so the higher prices don’t bother me.  Also, the SA has a great mission statement – the proceeds from sales go towards helping people get back on their feet from homelessness, drug addiction, etc. and provides work-training.  It is a religious-affiliated organization.

Happy Thrifting!


One thought on “Mother-Daughter Thrifting

  1. Hello…thanks for tracking me down on my shop website! I do have a personal’s (a shorter version of the shop website name) and it’s called Penelope’s Musings. I too love thrifting/junking/picking …it’s all in the thrill of the hunt, right? I enjoy your blog and am looking forward to seeing everything you post! Lynette

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