Mason Jar Chic

I hope everyone had a magical Christmas and was able to spend it with their family and friends!

As far as gifts go, I enjoy giving anything I’m able to put a personal touch on.  Back in the summer, when I was unemployed, I planned on making a lot of handmade gifts, but life got busy and this didn’t really come to fruition.  I wish it did!  However, I was able to complete and gift an easy craft project I’ve been wanting to accomplish for a while – mason jar soap dispensers!

Use for liquid handsoap or lotion!
Use for liquid handsoap or lotion!

Mason jars are so chic right now and have a multitude of uses.  I think these soap dispensers are just so adorable and are the perfect unique touch to any bathroom/kitchen.  However, I see these soap dispensers selling for $15-$20 in stores and the internet and I can’t fathom spending that much.  If you plan on making more than one –  maybe like 5 – (all the supplies I suggest are bought in bulk), I’ll walk you through the steps of getting your supplies and making a soap dispenser for less than $5/each.

Here’s what you need:

  • Ball 16 oz. Mason (canning)  Jar – You can decide if you want a small or wide-mouth.  Because I wanted to make multiple and will use mason jars for future crafts, I went ahead and bought a 12-pack case at Wal-Mart for around $11.  You will pay more if you buy them individually at craft stores (almost double in some cases!), so I’d suggest getting the case.  You can also substitute a vintage mason jar if you’re able to find them!  A word of warning: not all mason jars will fit the lids I’m going to suggest you buy, but I know for a fact that Ball mason jars do!
  • A Pre-drilled Mason Jar Lid – These can be tricky to find, so I ordered mine from Factory Craft Direct online.  They  run about .99 cents each (less if you buy multiple).  They have a variety of colors, textures and sizes.  Make sure you get the same mouth size as the canning jar you purchased!  Now, if you want to make things hard on yourself, you can try to drill a hole in the lid that came with the jar, but paying .99 cents is, to me, a better deal than trying to drill a hole through a reinforced lid.
  • Soap dispenser pump – Again, super hard to find in stores.  They ran $1.89/each at Factory Craft Direct.  I got the ones with the “guards”.  While I’m not sure what the “guards” are used for, I screwed the pump into the guard to create a flat surface area for gluing the pump to the lid.
  • Super Glue – The kind that withstands water.  You can find this for $1 at dollar stores.
  • Rust-Oleum Spray Paint (optional) – I wanted my lid and soap dispenser pump to be the same color.  I already had black Rust-Oleum on hand, but I believe a can costs around $5 at local hardware stores/Wal-Mart.

Here’s what you do:

1. Prep the mason jar lid by removing any dust with a damp cloth.  If you plan to spray paint it another color, elevate the lid on a flat surface and spray 2-3 coats.  Remember to let it dry between coats! I am so impatient and usually mess up my spray paint jobs!

2. Once the lid is clean of any dust/the paint has fully dried, screw the pump into the “guard” (if you bought the pump with the guard piece).  Apply the super glue to the bottom of the soap dispenser pump/guard piece and press firmly to the lid of the mason jar.

3. This should take a few hours to fully set and dry.  Once it’s dry, add soap or lotion.  I had a friend suggest that she would use it for dish soap instead of keeping the dish soap bottle on the sink!  Great idea!

Happy Crafting!


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