Brown Paper Packages

I’m usually a HUGE Christmas person, as in like, “I make my own decorative wrapping paper and Christmas decorations and sing ‘Jingle Bells’ at the top of my lungs” type of girl.  But for better or for worse, this year has been full of transitions, and in the past month I just haven’t had the time to spread the Christmas cheer I usually do!

Oh well, there’s always 2013.

But here’s one thing to be excited about – I found this awesome, vintage-inspired newspaper ad wrapping paper -40 ft roll for $2.99 at Marshalls in Fairfax, VA.  Where have we seen this print before?  In the lining of the drawers of our grandmother’s old furniture (Does anyone know what I’m talking about here!?)

Anyways, I usually buy my wrapping paper at one of the dollar stores because it’s obviously going in the trash anyways.  While the dollar store does have some cute prints, I do like to add a little diversity to the Christmas morning piles aside from the snowflakes and grinning Santas.

34712_4031543558181_1003052233_nVintage-inspired wrapping paper – $2.99 at Marshalls

After I started wrapping, I did realize there were some ads on here for dentures and funeral carriages (not sure how Christmasy that is!)  Nevertheless, I think it will be very unique for Christmas morning and will be a welcomed change from the norm.

So let me know – What kinds of interesting wrapping techniques have you used?  Were your parents (or you) the kind that used “real” newspaper?  Do you save your wrapping paper and reuse it?  And what do you prefer?  Bags or Boxes to wrap your gifts?  I like boxes myself!

Happy Holidays and Happy Wrapping!


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