Euro-Thrifting in Rome

Two things I love – traveling and thrifting.  I have to admit, I didn’t really play a role in planning the Rome portion of the Europe trip since I met up my family and they booked most of our tours and side trips through the tour company with which they traveled.  I was just along for the ride.  I’m not a huge fan of tour groups, however, one of the the side-trips they booked was to a “market” that has apparently been around for hundreds of years.  Today, this “market” is basically hundred of vendors selling knock-off purses, novelty items, new clothing, cheap bras, fake jewelry and second-hand clothing/items stacked in heaps on tables, so a flea market.  Still, not many tourists were here, just Romans and the Indian vendors.  The tour group we were with wasn’t thrilled with this “market” because it was extremely crowded, pouring rain and apparently selling “junk”.  But we all know that in my eyes junk can be treasure!

Because it was pouring down rain that day, and also, I might have had a few too many drinks the night before, I wasn’t really in the mood to “search” the piles of clothes.  But when I saw a tent with a “Everything .50 euro” sign, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. Digging through the pile, I stumbled upon this chunky black and white sweater.  It is definitely a large, possibly an extra large, but I knew it could be a possibility!  I really loved the fabric (all cotton) and the way the black and white kind of fades into each other.  Plus, aren’t chunky sweaters always in style?!

My second-hand sweater (.50 euro), green skinny jeans I got on the sale rack from Target ($7), wrap around black scarf that was a gift, and Mom’s 80s broach that I “borrowed”.

Now I didn’t get to try the sweater on because it was pouring and I didn’t have anyone to hold my purse and we know pick-pocketing is very common in Rome, so I gave the yelling, angry looking man my .50 euros and was on my way.  I figured, if it ended up looking horrible it was only .50 euros, which is about 64 US cents!  My cheapest second-hand clothing purchase ever!

Upon getting back to the states, I washed it in hot water and detergent to get all the well…you know, dirt and whatever out.  Paired it with some green skinny jeans and a chunky wrap around scarf that was a gift.  I also rummaged through my mom’s jewelry box and found out she has a bunch of awesome 80s jewelry that’s obviously kind of back in style.  At least, I’m bringing it back!   I ended up borrowing a turquoise and silver broach.  I absolutely love this outfit!

I think it’s awesome that other countries value the concept of putting things to use again.  Have you ever thrifted in another country?


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