Pumpkin Cats

We all know my mom is obsessed with cats, so when I discovered this fun fall pumpkin craft project through Good Housekeeping I knew I had to make one for our front porch.  Kudos to Good Housekeeping for featuring this project – I did make a few changes to my pumpkin kitty, but the concept is brilliant!  Check out the link for a few other creative ways to decorate your pumpkins this fall!

What you need:

  • Pumpkins – One large for the body, a pie pumpkin for the head, two small pumpkins for the paws, and a gourd for the tail.  Try to find ones with a short stem or the stem missing. Otherwise you will have to pry it off.  The total cost of my pumpkins ran about $9.
  • Black gloss spray paint (I used some white I already had for the white tip on the tail, but I wouldn’t suggest buying a can just for that unless you really want to). $5.
  • Orange, white, and black felt. $.75.
  • Straight pins. Have at least 25. $2/pack.
  • Some sort of adhesive. I used Welbond, but it takes a while to dry.  Try superglue for $1 from the Dollar Tree.
  • A tarp to spray paint on.

And here’s what you do:

1. Take your pumpkins and wash off any dirt.  Dry with paper towels.

2. After pumpkins have dried, lay upside down on the tarp and spray a coat of black spray paint. Wait for it to dry, turn over, and do the same with the top and the sides.  Repeat coats if necessary (I did about 2 coats).

*Start with the bottom first because the spray paint doesn’t adhere well to the pumpkin and often will stick to the tarp and come off. This way, if the bottom is messed up you won’t see it (you can prime it first for better adhesion, but you’ll just be throwing it out at the end of the season so it doesn’t really matter).  Do the same for your pie pumpkins, small pumpkins and gourd.

3. While waiting for the pumpkins to dry, cut out the felt eyes.  I used orange in an oval as the background, white circle for the middle, and black in a skinny oval for the center.  Also cut out the triangle ears – I doubled up the felt by gluing two pieces together so they would stick up better.  I used the white to add definition.

4. When the pie pumpkin is dry, affix the eyes and ears with straight pins.

5. Set the finished head on top of the large pumpkin.  You can simply set it atop, or use superglue so it actually sticks.

6. Put the small pumpkins in front for the paws and the gourd on the side as the tail.

7. Finish with a strip of orange felt as the collar – affix with straight pins.

And you have your pumpkin cat! Meow!

Happy Crafting!


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